Belly Binding

Belly Binding, one of our most popular services, is the perfect addition to our other support options. Our professional belly binding will help to support your core as you heal from childbirth.

During pregnancy, your growing uterus causes your organs to shift and your abdominal muscles to separate. After giving birth, everything can feel loose and empty. Belly binding provides physical comfort as your uterus shrinks and your muscles strengthen.

The ultimate in pampering, our clients love the feeling that they are taking care of their body from the very first days postpartum.

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Having a baby can be overwhelming, especially for people who like to plan. There are so many options and it seems impossible to know them all. Both our planning session options include up to 2 hours with a planning expert, as well as a workbook to guide your birth or postpartum planning session. The workbook is yours to keep.

Our birth planning sessions help you to understand birth in a Canadian context; typical tests, procedures, what to expect, and who to expect. Our birth plan experts are all trained doulas with a keen understanding of GTA hospitals. Learn about your choices in a judgment-free consultation.

Our postpartum plans are just like our birth plans, but for after baby arrives. With one of our postpartum plan experts, you explore your thoughts around sleep, soothing, feeding, bathing, and parenting. Have all of your questions and answered and learn your options for life with your baby.

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Sleep Consulting

Just as your head hits the pillow and you pull up your blankets, you hear your baby start to fuss. By the time you get your little one settled, you are completely exhausted and you know your baby will be up again. Exhaustion is normal, right? While it is true that newborns will need to feed regularly throughout the day and night, parental exhaustion does not need to be a permanent state. As your baby gets older, they may need help to learn how to sleep for longer stretches.

Our Certified Sleep Coach will help your family to get the rest that everyone needs. After a thorough assessment, our Sleep Coach will put together a comprehensive plan that fits the unique needs and preferences of your family.

For many families, putting sleep programs into action is difficult and confusing. We know that it is difficult for already tired parents to make all the adjustments needed. That is why our Sleep Training packages come with three nights of nighttime doula support. Our trained postpartum and infant care doulas will take care of your baby and implement the sleep program, all while you get a full night of sleep.

Maternity and Newborn Photography

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