Bringing your baby home can be a stressful time.

Our Postpartum Doulas services help your family make this transitional time more enjoyable.

Immediately after birth you have the support of your nurse or midwife to let you know what is normal and help you with feeding. But now you’re home and it’s up to you to care for your newborn. If you’re like most new parents you’re likely unsure of what to do with your baby or how to fit into your new role as parent. You’re probably anxious about the evolution of your growing family and wonder what the next few days and weeks have in store.

Your Toronto Family Doulas team will work with you to customize your postpartum support. Postpartum doulas can play a variety of different roles depending on your individual needs. Your doulas can provide education or hands-on support with a variety of newborn issues including bathing, swaddling, calming and feeding. They can also help you with housework so that you can focus on your new family.

Additionally, your postpartum doulas will ensure that you are taking proper care of yourself. As a new mom it is easy to focus all of your energy on your baby, and to put your needs last. Your doulas will come to your home day or night, and care for your baby so that you have time to shower, nap, or run errands.

A professional doula will ensure that you are getting the after-birth support that you need for your family.

We have a variety of packages to meet your family’s needs and are happy to work with you to customize your level of support.

Black Dots

Our postpartum packages are as follows:

Ruby Package

♦ 100 hours of postpartum support
♦ A complimentary postpartum planning workbook


Sapphire Package

♦ 250 hours of postpartum support
♦ A complimentary postpartum planning workbook


Diamond Package

♦ Up to 500 hours of postpartum support to be used in the first year
♦ a postpartum planning session
♦ unlimited phone, text, and email support for the first year
♦ 3 binders and unlimited bindings DURING SHIFTS
♦ a private newborn care class


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