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Travelling With Baby During The Holidays

travelling-with-babyTravelling during the holidays can be a pain no matter what. Long lines, weather delays, extra bags, and wet winter gear can make even the most even-tempered person cranky. Add in a fussing baby to that mix and it is easy to see why people avoid travelling during the holidays with little ones.


If avoiding travel is not in the cards, these tips might make your trip easier:


  • If your child is young, see if your airline provides baby bassinets. That way your baby has somewhere to sleep and you have your hands.
  • Try a product like the Sleep Belt to keep you and baby snug and comfortable if a bassinet is not an option.
  • Have an extra change of clothes, or two – for both of you. Babies can be messy and there is nothing worse than being wet and smelling milk for hours on a long flight.
  • If your baby is older, have a bag with snacks, a cup, and fun things to do. Airplane food isn’t always appealing for little ones, so make sure you have some tried and tested snacks to keep them from getting too hungry.
  • Go to the Dollar Store and buy a few small, new toys that will be exciting.
  • If you know your child might be teething, make sure you have teething toys or medicine with you.
  • If someone offers to help, accept!
  • If you are driving, be prepared to take more breaks than usual.
  • Give yourself a lot of extra time to get where you are going.
  • Ipads or other devices can be a great help, especially with older children that can wear headphones.

Whether you are driving, flying, or sticking close to home, Toronto Family Doulas wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

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