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Other Services

At Toronto Family Doulas we believe that every family has their own journey to parenthood. No matter who you are or what your journey to pregnancy and parenting has been, our doulas are ready to provide you with the customized support you are looking for! Our trained and certified doulas are experts in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, baby care, and more!

Feeding Consultations

Infant Feeding Consultations

What do you do when it isn’t breastfeeding that you need help with? Who are the experts for all your other feeding questions?

Many aspects of feeding your baby can feel overwhelming, especially when everyone thinks they are an expert. But food shouldn’t be stressful and each new stage of your child’s feeding experience should be fun and exciting! You can approach each new stage with confidence and expert advice every step of the way.

Our Certified Infant Feeding Specialists are able to support families who need help with:

  • Pumping and breastfeeding as you transition back to work

  • Introducing or weaning off a bottle

  • Introducing solids

  • Transitioning to finger foods

After a thorough consultation you will receive a detailed feeding plan outlining your goals, our recommendations, strategies, and suggestions for any items you will need. You will also have access to your Feeding Specialist for ongoing virtual support and check-ins with updated feeding plans as required.

Belly Binding

Belly Binding

Who doesn’t want to feel more supported…literally? 

Our belly binding services are based on traditional postpartum binding techniques. With each bind tied around you every time, you always get a custom fit for your rapidly changing body. 

The thought behind all belly binders is that gentle compression will help the abdominal walls to begin the process of coming back together after separating during pregnancy. The extra core support can also help prevent the back muscles from overcompensating while carrying your baby or nursing. And with our customized wrapping, there is no bulky or ill-fitting binder preventing you from moving comfortably.

Birth Planning Session

Birth Planning Session

Maybe you don’t need an expert by your side for the entire journey, but it might be nice if there was someone to draw you a map! That is exactly what our planning sessions do – get you started on your own journey of a lifetime. 

Our certified doulas will meet with you to discuss your needs and help you to develop a Plan A and a Plan B. And maybe a Plan C, just in case!

While this session does not replace a birth class, it can remind you what each stage of labour can look like and what you might need during each. With an emphasis on dialogue – both in the planning session, and planning for it during the birth – this meeting will help you to plan and understand from packing to baby snuggles.

Within two business days of your planning session you will receive a comprehensive birth plan including a guide for your place of birth, hospital packing list, a guide for discussing your choices with your medical team, and a printable birth plan.

Postpartum Planning Session

Postpartum Planning Session

It can be easy to focus on birth and forget to plan for postpartum but we think that is the most important part! If you forget to plan for those first weeks and months at home, you can quickly find yourself feeling lost and overwhelmed. But our experts will guide you through the first eight weeks, including what to expect from baby and what to expect from your own body!

Within two business days of your planning session you will receive a complete postpartum plan that includes information on feeding, sleeping, self-care, postpartum mood disorders, and developmental milestones. You will also receive a resource guide full of our favourite experts, stores, baby activities, medical care, and more in the Greater Toronto Area.


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