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Wouldn’t You Love it if Childbirth Came With a Guide?

Toronto Family Doulas - Birth

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You don’t want to do this without support… you don’t have to.

With our experience serving the diverse families of Toronto, we are the local birth experts you have been searching for. We are committed to providing truly non-judgmental support. Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, a spontaneous labour or a scheduled caesarean – Toronto Family Doulas will be by your side providing you with the support you need every step of the way.

Better Together

Every birth experience is unique, and you will have needs that are personal and based on your decisions for you and your baby. To provide you with the best support and care you will need for your birth experience, every family is paired with a team of two doulas. Having two doulas allows your support to begin immediately, with no “on-call” restrictions – we guarantee our presence and support from the moment we start working together!

Our trained and certified doulas offer guidance on:

  • What is normal
  • When to reach out to your care provider or go to the hospital
  • Ways to be more comfortable during your pregnancy
  • A listening ear or shoulder to cry on (pregnancy can be hard!)
  • Information or access to resources as you make plans and decisions
  • Coping with pain and positional support during your birth
  • Unbiased and non-judgmental support
  • What to expect in the first days and weeks with a newborn

Our Birth Packages Include Everything You Need

There are so many decisions to make during your pregnancy, choosing your doula package shouldn’t be a complicated one. To make it as easy as possible, we have two levels of support:

Pandemic Birth

Our Pandemic Birth Package is designed to meet the needs of expectant families as the world navigates the COVID-19 crisis. With rapidly changing conditions in hospitals and communities, we know that in-person support is not always guaranteed. This package allows families full pregnancy and early labour support, without needing to commit to full in-person support.

The Pandemic Birth Package includes:

  • A team of two doulas
  • Two prenatal visits, one with each doula
    • These visits may be in-person, dependent on local conditions
  • Up to 6 hours of in-person early labour support, or phone/video support
  • What's App chat for support throughout your pregnancy and early postpartum
  • Two postpartum check-ins within six weeks of birth

Birth Essentials

Our Birth Essentials package is just that, the essentials. It is designed with the independent family in mind. You want the reassurance and access to a doula, their knowledge, and support, but you have the rest already organized. 

The Birth Essentials Package includes:

  • A team of two doulas, on-call immediately
  • A group What’s App chat for quick questions
  • Two in-person prenatal meetings, one with each doula (1.5 hours each)
  • Birth attendance
  • Two postpartum check in visits, one with each doula (1 hour each)
  • Six weeks continued phone and text support after the birth of your child
  • A Welcome Package of digital documents and resources

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