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Other Services

At Toronto Family Doulas we believe that every family has their own journey to parenthood. No matter who you are or what your journey to pregnancy and parenting has been, our doulas are ready to provide you with the customized support you are looking for! Our trained and certified doulas are experts in pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, baby care, and more!

Birth Consultation


Birth Consultation

Maybe you don’t need an expert by your side for the entire journey, but it might be nice if there was someone to draw you a map! That is exactly what our birth consultations do – get you started on your own journey of a lifetime. 

Our certified doulas will meet with you to discuss your needs and help you to develop a Plan A and a Plan B. And maybe a Plan C, just in case!

This consultation is perfect for those planning a scheduled caesarean and repeat parents.

Within two business days of your planning session you will receive a comprehensive birth plan including detailed notes for your use, hospital packing list, a guide for discussing your choices with your medical team, and a printable birth plan.

Postpartum Consultation

Postpartum Consultation

Sometimes you just need a little extra help and a friendly word of advice, which is exactly what our postpartum consultations are for!

If your baby has not yet arrived, these consultations can be used to create a detailed postpartum plan to help you navigate the first six weeks of life.

If your baby is already here, these consultations are an excellent way to address specific issues, concerns, or to help you gain confidence in a particular aspect of parenthood. This includes simple feeding concerns, bottle introduction, ways to soothe baby, setting up your nursery, and any other question you may have.

Within two business days of your consultation you will receive either a comprehensive postpartum plan based on your discussion, or detailed notes and resources addressing your concerns. 

Sleep Coaching

Night time doesn't have to be a nightmare, sleep and rest are possible. Our amazing Sleep Coach will work with your family to understand what is happening with your baby and why, create routines that prioritize sleep, and help the whole family to be well rested.

Our Welcome Baby package is perfect for families with little ones from birth to three months of age. Learn to manage expectations, understand infant sleep, and prepare for the changes and stages ahead.

Our Sweet Dreams package is for babies 4-18 months old who are ready for more comprehensive sleep support. This package is for families who are looking for everyone in the family to get a good nights rest.

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