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Babies Don't Come With An Instruction Manual...But What if They Could?

Toronto Family Doulas - Triplets

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Imagine Bringing Baby Home and Feeling Completely Supported.

You don’t want to do this without support… you don’t have to.

You have expert advice and suggestions tailored to you that help you to meet your personal and parenting goals. You are in the driver’s seat on this incredible journey, but you have a whole team helping you to navigate all the twists and turns (and sleep regressions!) along the way.

At Toronto Family Doulas, our trained and certified Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive, tailored support that meets your needs.


We take the health and safety of our clients and our team seriously. Toronto Family Doulas is committed to following public health recommendations and best practices regarding COVID-19. 

Having a baby does not have to be overwhelming. 

While there are many things a postpartum doula can help you with, some of the most popular are:

  • Getting more sleep
  • Better feeding outcomes (including bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, and pumping)
  • Greater confidence with your baby and parenting
  • Time for self-care

Many new parents are not sure what tasks a doula can help with. While every family has different needs, most are things your doula can jump right in and support you with. Doula tasks can include:

  • Caring for baby
  • Feedings
  • Laundry
  • Companionship (parental leave can be lonely!)
  • Education, especially around local resources
  • Light meal preparation
  • Light housework
  • Expert advice and suggestions

Our Postpartum Packages Include Everything You Need

Postpartum Scheduled

Our Postpartum Scheduled package is for the family that knows exactly what they want and when they want it.

This package offers preferred rates for families ready to commit to schedule with a minimum of 4 shifts per week for 4 weeks. 

Once the schedule is set, it cannot be rescheduled or cancelled.

Postpartum Anytime

With complete flexibility, our Postpartum Anytime package allows you to choose your level of support, set and change your schedule, cancel or reschedule shifts with 48 hours notice, and customize your support based on your schedule.

Postpartum Anytime allows you to set the schedule, even if you aren’t sure just yet what that schedule will be.

Virtual Postpartum

Just because you aren't ready for in-home support doesn't mean you can't have any support! We know that COVID-19 has upended the plans of many families, and you may not feel comfortable with new people in your home during this time. But that doesn't mean you don't have questions!

Our Virtual Postpartum Doula package means you can always reach a professional postpartum doula to answer all your questions and concerns. 

Your Virtual Doula can give you tips on breastfeeding, suggestions on swaddle techniques, recommendations for community resources, and more.

Rates apply weekly.

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