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Toronto Family Doulas - Education

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You probably didn’t run a marathon with no training or walk into your last business meeting with no preparation, and you don’t want to give birth unprepared either! We know that birth and parenthood can seem difficult and perhaps even a little scary.

Imagine taking a prenatal class in the comfort of your own home. There is no one else asking scary questions you haven’t even thought of, and definitely not uncomfortable chairs! Your childbirth educator answers all of your questions, even the unspoken ones, and you feel comfortable asking the ones that seem embarrassing!

Doesn’t a half day in your own home sound much more enjoyable than days or weeks of classes?


We know you want a customized, evidence-based curriculum that will cover what you need to know.  There is no bias from our Certified Childbirth Educators, just a fact-based class developed over years of experience.

To ensure that our classes are as helpful as possible,  we draw on sources such as Health Canada, the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, and the Canadian Paediatric Society. Our curriculum is based on the current recommendations from the experts you already know and trust. 

We put all of the information you need to know together into one class so you don’t have to figure things out on your own.

Birth Basics

Birth Basics - 3 Hours

Our newborn class is designed to pickup where most prenatal classes leave off. We guarantee that you will leave class assured of your skills as a new parent, and with the knowledge on how to take care of yourself and your baby during this stressful time.

What you'll learn…

  • How to tell when your baby is hungry
  • How to determine if they are getting enough food
  • Diapering and bum car
  • How to bathe your baby
  • Dressing them for the weather
  • What is normal newborn behaviour
  • Various calming and soothing methods
  • Safe newborn sleep practices
  • Breastfeeding 101


Baby Basics

Baby Basics – 3 hours

Are you are a baby whisperer? Or do those tiny little people make you nervous?

No matter your comfort level with babies, our educators have a few tricks to teach you to make life easier – and probably more enjoyable – with your new baby!  Our Certified Educators are also Postpartum and Infant Care Doulas who have spent years working with babies and families from their very first days. 

With so many decisions that need to be made, being a parent can feel overwhelming. When you take our private classes, rest assured that the things you will learn are based on the most recent studies and expert recommendations to help you get past those feelings and give you the confidence you need to care for your child.  Our curriculum is based on sources such as the Canadian Paediatric Society, Health Canada, Toronto Public Health, and more.

This class covers:

  • What to expect the first week
  • Hygiene (bathing, diapering, dressing, etc.)
  • Feeding (breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, pumping)
  • Safety (baby-proofing, general car seat safety)
  • Practical skills (swaddling, bathing, burping, soothing)

Birth + Baby

Birth+Baby – 5 hours (combined class)

The best of both worlds! This class is a combined Birth Basics and Baby Basics class. For parents who want all the information and have very busy schedules, this class packs it all into one five hour day.

Community Workshops

Community Workshops

Our community workshops can be scheduled with a variety of community partners in the GTA. Some workshops are only available at certain locations. If you are looking to register for a workshop or bring a workshop to your store, contact us!

Workshops can include:

  • Swings and Swaddles Registry Event (West Coast Kids exclusive)
  • Intro to Bottle-feeding and Pumping
  • Intro to Solids
  • Welcome to the Third Trimester
  • Baby Reboot (Grandparents class)
  • Bringing Home Multiples
  • Baby Safety A-Z

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