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A Better Postpartum

Our blog series on the postpartum experience is coming to an end but what can you do with all the information? It is true that the postpartum period affects families in many different ways. The physical recovery from birth, whether a vaginal birth or a caesarean birth can take its toll. The impact on partners and children is variable but real.


So what can you do?

So many times we fall back on tired rhetoric of what the postpartum period will look like. “You’ll never sleep again.” “You won’t get to eat your food while it is hot.” “Get used to wearing the same yoga pants for days on end.”

There is a better way.

The better way starts with a plan. Even if you are the most spontaneous person ever, this is a time in your life when a little planning goes a long way. Discussing with your support team what sleep, food, and self-care will look like is important. Important too is talking about relationship goals in the early weeks and months after having a child. What will you do to prioritize self, partner, and other children? Examining all aspects of your postpartum recovery and having systems in place to address any questions and concerns can ease you into parenthood in a much gentler way.



Plan with professionals.

Even if this isn’t your first ride on the merry-go-round, the birth of a new baby can change things. Making your plan with the guidance of a professional can help to ensure that your plan accounts for some of the most common concerns. Our postpartum doulas are uniquely qualified to understand not only the postpartum period, but also the best resources for families that Toronto has to offer.


Teamwork from day one

What if your postpartum plan came not only with ideas, but also a professional postpartum doula to help execute the plan? Starting with our Welcome Home package which provides your with 24 hour support from your first moment home, to ongoing daily or nightly support, our doulas are there to guides and support you through all of the challenges and joys a baby brings.


Your postpartum period does not need to be an unhappy one. With the proper tools and support, you can handle anything.

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