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First Boo!



first halloween

Photo by Juhan Sonin.


Boo and a Happy Halloween to you! This week is full of celebrations and parties, all leading up to Trick or Treating! If you are taking your little one door-to-door, it is important to remember some safety tips.


1. Be bright or wear reflective clothing:

This goes for parents too! If you are wearing dark clothes, you can’t be seen. You can make this fun for kids by using glowsticks or reflective tape. If you have a baby in a carrier, remember to put the reflective tape on the outside of the carrier instead of your clothes.

2. Use face paint instead of masks:

Masks can affect peripheral vision and limit how much a child can see. When possible, especially if out after dark, face paint is much safer.

3. Go through the candy when you get home:

You probably won’t find any razor blades, but you might find food your child is allergic too, or things that might be a choking hazard if this is your little one’s first Halloween.


If this is your little one’s first Halloween, you might be surprised at how tired they get, quickly. Some ways to combat that are to limit your adventure to 10 houses, one street, or bring a carrier or stroller with you for the trip back home.


Most importantly, don’t forget to take pictures! Then share them with us. Nothing cuter than little kids in Halloween costumes!

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