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A Book A Day


Did you know that reading to your child has enormous benefits? In addition to helping you to bond with your baby, reading lays the foundation for language, academic skills, and a love of books. At Toronto Family Doulas, we love books so much, we needed a Baler’s Dozen to just scratch the service of our favourites!

1. Little Blue Truck: a lovely message with a catchy song-song rhythm that will make this a favourite (and easily memorized!)

2 The Day The Crayons Quit: an adorable book that encourages imagination and is funny for parents too.

3 Red is Best: a classic that many parents will remember from their own childhood.

4. Bread and Jam for Frances: sometimes there is too much of a good thing!

5. The Runaway Bunny: another long-time classic!

6. The Penderwicks: fabulous because it’s a series, so your little one will have lots to choose from!

7. Something from Nothing: a sweet celebration about growing up, with stunning illustrations.

8. The Balloon Tree: an original princess-hero book that might have you planting your own balloon tree!

9. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes: a perfect book to read to your brand new baby, this book is a celebration of every little pudgy finger and toe.

10. The Hockey Sweater: a Canadian classic that is a must read for budding hockey players everywhere.

11. The Tiniest Mermaid: a story of friendship and magic with simply stunning illustrations.

12. Oh, The Places You’ll Go!: who can resist a classic from Dr. Seuss? This book will carry your child through from infancy to adulthood.

And a new book, recently released that comes with a sleepy dust guarantee! (Which every parent is on board with!)

13. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep: this book is being called “the magic sleep spell” by parents everywhere!


Picture by Harald Groven with Creative Commons Licensing.

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