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Duracell Doulas

Cracking jokes at the expense of doulas is easy. After all, historically most doulas fit the stereotype and it is an easy one to laugh at.

Grass skirts.
Patchouli oil.

Dolphin assisted water births.

And that last one is the joke Duracell batteries decided to run with. After all, it sounds ridiculous, right!? But we doulas have earned a name for ourselves over the years as proponents of everything hippy, crunchy, and yes, ridiculous, in pregnancy, birth, and parenting. We’ve probably earned being labelled right alongside interfering mother-in-laws recommending brandy for babies.
But in poking fun at doulas, Duracell touched on an important nerve for expectant families everywhere. From the moment you find out you are expecting, everyone around you has opinions. Opinions on what you should eat, wear, lift, and do. And it only gets worse once your baby arrives. Opinions on breastfeeding, formula, whether your baby is dressed warmly enough, or should they be wearing socks even though it is August.

Contrary to Duracell’s commercial, your doula is the only person who will not have an opinion.

Happy mother with her baby

Happy mother with her baby

As doulas, our job is to be supportive of you, your baby, and your family. That means that every step of the way, we are there to encourage you and help you find the birth and parenting style that best fits your family. Instead of pushing a dolphin-assisted water birth, your Toronto Family Doulas team will help you explore your options for birth, so you can choose what works for you. And if that does mean a water birth, we will support that too, although we aren’t sure the Toronto Birthing Centre has dolphins in residence.

What does it mean to have unbiased support from a doula? It means not worrying about being judged. It means that, no matter what, you have the assurance of someone that is 100% in your corner. It means having a safe space to express your fears, your doubts, and your complaints, as well as your joys and your excitement. It can even mean having a gate-keeper so those judge-y family members can’t tell you all the things they think you are doing wrong.

Other brands have explored the judgement that surrounds parenthood in the past. The viral commercial from Similac about the “Mommy Wars” is one of the most well-remembered, and laughed at, example. Now, that commercial wasn’t without it’s own controversy, but the message it brought was one we stand behind; every parent and family will make the choices that are right for them and there is no right or wrong way.

So whether it is Duracell or Similac, or some other brand, we know that the judgement is out there. We know what you might be facing in your other relationships. Our commitment to you is that you will not face that with us. Your doulas will help lay your foundation for confident, content, parenting.


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