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It’s Really Very Simple, Fed Is Best

How you feed your baby is a controversial subject. The “breast is best” and “normalize breastfeeding” campaigns are not quiet ones. Every mother who has dared to give her child a bottle in a public space has, at some point, received a glare that makes her grateful looks can’t kill.

bottle fed

Dads, being unable to lactate (generally speaking), are at least spared that hurtful moment.


When you question the outspoken breastfeeding activists, you will hear things like,


“The WHO recommends it!”

“The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends it!”


Health Canada recommends it!”


And yes, they do. But what so many fail to understand is that large organizations such as the ones mentioned make sweeping health recommendations designed to influence populations. You, our client, are not a “population”. You are a person.


Your own, unique, amazing, person.

We do not presume to tell you what is right for you. We are not your health care provider. We cannot examine your child. We cannot measure your health outcomes.


What we can do is listen. Offer resources. Help set up systems and support. We can connect you with breastfeeding support, or we can help you choose the best bottles for your baby.


We will never tell you that breast is best.


We will never tell you that the food or method you have chosen for feeding your child is inferior.


We believe that fed is best. We believe it with everything we are. We do not think that you need to try breastfeeding first in order to know that it is the wrong choice for you. We support you in the choices you make at any point in your journey; pre-conception, pregnancy, or while parenting.


Breastmilk is not more important than a happy and healthy parent.

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