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A Doula for the Doula – Allison

Clients often ask us what we would look for in a doula for ourselves, so we decided to tell you! We will be featuring each member of our team in their own blog post about what they would look for in their own doula!


Allison MartineauAllison: What I Want in a Doula


Hiring a doula is one of the most wonderful things you can do to take care of yourself during your pregnancy, however it is not something I would take lightly. Your doula will be with you as you prepare to welcome the newest member of your family, during the birth of your baby and then postpartum, moments where one may feel vulnerable or emotional. Due to the intimate nature of this role, I would need to ensure that both my husband and I were 100% comfortable with whomever we chose.

I would want a doula that would give me strength just through their calm demeanor and ease. I would also look for someone who took initiative; working in the background to get things accomplished.


During labour, a glass of water would appear and a warm touch or hip squeeze would be felt during contractions without my asking. During the postpartum period, dishes and laundry would be done and things would easily happen under my doula’s direction. This would work because I would trust this person and know that they understood me and my wishes, and would carry them out for me seamlessly.

I would also want someone who was non judgmental in their support of me and my family. I will appreciate their experience and background, both personal and professional, but they won’t let previous situations bias the care they provide. They will be there to support me FULLY! No questions asked, no hesitation.


When the relationship is right and the connection is there, your doula will feel like family, or as one of my teachers used to say, doulas are like your mother, but without the baggage.


I want someone who loves what they do and I can feel that they are genuinely excited to help me through this period of my life. They will empower my husband and me. My husband will not feel overshadowed by our doula but will instead use them as a trusted resource and support, so he can better encourage and comfort me. Overall, I would go with my gut and trust my instincts when hiring a doula.


When the fit is right, a doula will enhance this brilliant time in our life and make everything easier.

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