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I’m Can’t Believe I’m So Tired

You knew when your baby arrived that your sleep would be interrupted. You were prepared for feeding every three hours, but that turned into every two hours….or sooner. You knew you should try to “sleep when the baby sleeps” but it turns out that is easier said than done.sleep training TO

You thought you knew what to expect, but you are so fuzzy, you can’t remember what that was.

You are exhausted.

Newborns are hard work. And sometimes, even when you do everything right, sleep doesn’t come easily. Exhaustion sets in and then you are just too tired to think.

So you read the books: No Cry Sleep Solution, Babywise, The Happiest Baby on the Block. You read them all, even if you can barely keep your eyes open. You try everything, you are sure that something is going to stick to the wall if you just throw every solution at the no-sleep problem.

Except nothing seems to stick.

And you are too tired to think.

You need sleep, stat. Because now your baby is a few months old, and you are going on month four, five, or six of extreme sleep deprivation. Even if your baby sleeps some nights, it isn’t consistent and you end up waking up anyways, anticipating their cries.

It’s time for some extra help.

You don’t have to be this tired.

For some families, having a postpartum doula come for a few nights to help them get back on track with sleep is more than enough. They just need to catch up and then keep on going. And we are happy to help with that. Sometimes two or three nights, or even one night a week, of eight-straight can make all the difference in the world.
But for some families, that will not be enough to help them.

Those families are looking for comprehensive, individualized sleep coaching. When we are hired to provide sleep training, an individual and supported approach is exactly what we provide. Our Certified Sleep Consultant will work with your family to find the best method and plan for you and your baby. Then, our postpartum doula will come for three nights in a row and implement that plan. At the end of those three days, your baby will be sleeping better, based on the plan you developed.

Some people are worried about sleep training. They are afraid that is it cruel, or will damage their bond with their baby. Instead, most parents find it actually strengthens their bond with their baby and helps them to enjoy parenthood more. After all, exhaustion isn’t a good look on anyone. And many find that when their baby is sleeping through the night, they are also sleeping better through the day. A well-rested baby sleeps better and a well-rested parent sleeps, period.

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