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Sophie Trudeau and the Myth of Overwhelmed

sophie trudeau

When news broke that Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau was overwhelmed and needed additional support, the Internet erupted.

How dare she!? She has nannies and a cook and no job. Isn’t that enough?

No. Maybe it isn’t.

We aren’t going to wade into the arguments around taxes and who pays for her staff. That is a political battle that no one can win.

But we are going to talk about overwhelmed mothers.

It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home parent, work a part-time job, work a full time job, or are the wife of the Prime Minister of Canada.

It is okay to be overwhelmed.

You should not be shamed into silence.

Please. Ask for help.

When we don’t ask for help, we crumble under the weight. We know that traditional “woman’s work” is undervalued and yet represents real economic impact. We know that being a stay at home parent encompasses so many roles, and yet can also create isolation.

The truth is that Sophie Gregoire is representing Canadians on a world stage. For the first time, perhaps ever, we have a First Lady who has grabbed her own place in the spotlight. Her work on behalf of Canadians is unpaid, and yet her work benefits at-risk pregnant mothers, the Dove Campaign for Beauty, and CAMH. She represents all of us in meetings with heads of State, the Queen, and visiting dignitaries.

She is an unpaid, professional, representative of Canada.

Whether you agree with their household staff being funded by taxpayers or not, judging her for reaching out for help is not okay.

We need to support those who are overwhelmed.

We need to reach out to those who are asking for help.

In admitting that she needed help, Sophie Trudeau is not just a representative of Canada, she is representing overwhelmed parents everywhere. Her courage in reaching out is an inspiration.

Instead of tearing her down, lets boost her up.

Imagine the difference we could make if we supported parents, instead of telling them what they should be capable of.


NOTE: While the media refers to Sophie Gregoire as ‘Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau’, she did not take the Trudeau name. We have referred to her here as Gregoire-Trudeau for our readers who are not Canadian and would not be familiar with her name without the context of the Trudeau name.

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