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Do I Need a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier can range from the super simple, like a ring sling, all the way to much more complicated styles, like woven wrap back carries. It can be hard to know what you really need for your new baby and what’s just an expensive extra. You already have the perfect stroller picked out, so do…

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Doula Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Newborns

Wondering what to get the newborn in your life for the holidays? Shopping for the under-6-months crowd can be tough, they don’t tell you about their preferences very much. But our Doula Gift Guide 2019 has you covered, with our 5 favourite gifts for newborns.

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What Do I Really Need For Twins?

  Maybe multiples run in your family so you weren’t that surprised at your first ultrasound. Or maybe you had no idea and those two (or more) bouncing babies on the screen were a total shock. No matter how it happened, congrats, you’re expecting multiples! As doulas, we often support families on this journey –…

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