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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

By now you might have noticed that Toronto Family Doulas is different. We like it that way! One of the differences we are most proud of is that we work in teams of two doulas. We truly feel that this model offers the best support to clients and is sustainable for doulas.




When you call or email us to inquire about doula services, we determine which team of doulas will best suit your needs. That may be based on specialties, it may be based on location, it might be based on your postpartum plans. Once we have chosen the team we think will fit best, that team will contact you to arrange an interview.


At your complimentary consultation, you will meet both doulas. Those are YOUR doulas. Once you sign the contract, they are on call to answer your questions, soothe any fears, and come be with you if there is an emergency. There is no “on call period”, on of us is always on call.


You will get a prenatal visit with each member of your team. You will also get a postpartum visit with each member of your team. This means that you get two different perspectives, two different sets of ideas, and more than one solution. After all, two heads are better than one. If one doula is good, two doulas are even better!


The team model also ensures that our doulas are happy and healthy. If one member of the team attends a birth, her partner goes on call for the next 24 hours. That means that your doula will always be well rested. If the on-call doula is ill, her partner can step in so that we are not bringing germs into your birthing room. And unlike a backup doula, you have already met and gotten to know your second doula! Having an on-call doula schedule also means that our doulas can schedule things like doctors appointments, family events and vacations. This means that our doulas are less likely to burn out.


At Toronto Family Doulas, we believe that teamwork is the best model for doula care. We believe that it serves our clients best as well as making for a better work situation for our doulas.


Contact us today so we can discuss how a doula team can best serve you!

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