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Twenty things to do while you wait for your baby


Those last few days (or weeks) while you wait for your baby to decide it’s their birthday can be particularly frustrating. So once you’ve rewatched your favourite TV show on Netflix, cleaned your entire house, unpacked and re packed your hospital bag three times and worn a path in your floor from pacing, it’s time to find something new to do to distract yourself! Here is a list of our top twenty things to do while you wait!

1) Visit a spa
Many spas have special treatments just for expectant women. Indulging yourself right before baby can help you feel relaxed and refreshed. We like the Stillwater Spa at The Hyatt! Pure luxury, with many different spa services to choose from.

2) Get a manicure or pedicure
You can do these treatments at a spa like Sunny Mummy or go more local, there are nail salons all over the city! At Toronto Family Doulas, we think that at a time like this, you deserve a little luxury and we’ve heard nothing but good things about Polish’d Nail Bar. Located conveniently in the financial district, they provide luxury nail treatments with high end polishes.

3) Go for a massage

We have two fantastic places we recommend for prenatal massage. The first is Caring Touch Massage. They have a lovely, pregnancy safe, and fully adjustable pillow which allows you to comfortably lie on your front if that is your preference.

The second place we recommend, Seraphic Massage ,has an induction massage option if you are over 40 weeks. Clients have told us it is very effective!

4) See a chiropractor

A chiropractor who is trained in Webster technique can help your body to feel in alignment prior to labour and can help with optimal fetal positioning. We suggest Dr. Shaila Callaghan at Vita Integrative Health Clinic.

5) See an acupuncturist

Many women ask us about accupuncture for induction and it can definitely be effective. But accupuncture can also be used to help with soreness, heartburn, and fatigue. And who hasn’t experienced at least one of those by the end of pregnancy! We like Tanya Smith at ALIVE Holistic Health.

6) Go for a swim

There are many local swimming pools all across the city, but why not treat yourself to a luxury afternoon at the Sheraton indoor/outdoor pool. In addition to the beautiful indoor and outdoor pool areas, they have a lounge area and seasonal bar to get a cold drink at on those warm summer days!

7) Go to the movies

There is something special about going to an almost empty theatre to watch a new release in the middle of the afternoon. So grab your bag of popcorn and settle in for the latest rom-com, adventure, or horror film, whatever catches your fancy! Bonus: if you go to Stars and Strollers or Movies for Mommies, you might make some new friends who will be on maternity leave at the same time as you!

8) Go for a date night

Things can get a bit tricky once a new baby arrives so take this time to go on a special romantic date with your partner. Maybe to the same place you had your first date, a special restaurant, or maybe spend the night in the honeymoon suite at a hotel!

9) Have a coffee date with a friend

Why not try a new coffee place? Meet a friend and go grab a drink somewhere you’ve never been before! Voodoo Child makes amazing coffee and with four locations, Sam James Coffee Bar is sure to appeal!

10) Go to a specialty children’s bookstore and pick out a special book as a gift for your new baby. Maybe it will be a copy of one of your favourite books from your childhood, or maybe it will be something new and unique that represents the family you are growing now. Either way, you are sure to find a treasure.

11) Whatever time of year it is, there are sure to be sports games going on! Why not check out a TFC, Blue Jays, Argonauts or Maple Leafs game?

12) Head out to a yoga class

Yoga can help you calm your mind and relax your body in the time leading up to labour. Try a prenatal drop in class! Most are no experience necessary and you have a chance to connect with other expectant women. Fireflow Yoga in the Yonge and Eglinton area offers drop in classes with two different class times a week.

13) Build-a-bear

Why not make a special friend for your new little one? Head up to Vaughn Mills Mall or Square One and go to a Build-a-bear store. You can pick outfits or even put scent and sound disks inside the stuffed animal.

14) Visit a museum

When was the last time you took an afternoon to stroll through the Royal Ontario Museum or the Bata Shoe Museum? There are visiting exhibits all the time, as well as the classics that everyone knows and loves.

15) Learn a new skill

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet? Many of the yarn stores in the city have one night beginner classes or even private lessons. The yarns are luxurious and you will have lots of fun making things for the baby!

16) Stop and smell the flowers

Toronto has some stunning public gardens. Take an afternoon and go for a walk through one. Many have guided tours, adult education classes, and special events, all year round.

17) Have a picnic

Head out to High Park and bring a picnic with you! There is so much to do at this 900 hectare park, you are sure to find something to enjoy.

18) Get your hair cut and styled

With a new baby, there are going to be lots of photo ops, so book an appointment at your favourite salon and get your hair primped for all those pictures. If you just want a quick blow out, try Blo Blow Dry Bar.

19) Indulge a little

Many women crave sweets when they are pregnant. Why not indulge just a little? Try Prairie Girl Cupcakes or for a more traditional snack, try milk and cookies at Moo Milk Bar.

20) Try a new restaurant or cuisine

Never had Ethiopian before? Always wanted to try Okonomi (a kind of Japanese pancake dish)? What about Moroccan? Now is your chance!




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