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A Holiday Deal For Everyone

Whether this is the most wonderful time of the year, or you are a verifiable Scrooge, everyone likes a good deal. We’ve put together the perfect wish list for the pregnant or new parent. Remember, all of these packages have a limited number available for purchase. Our holiday deal runs until December 31, 2017 and can be redeemed beginning January 1, 2018.


  1. Pamper Yourself


What is it? We know the physical toll that new parenthood takes on you. We know that you are tired and sore and your muscles feel tight and achy. We know you are dreaming of a week at the spa – or maybe just an hour alone. While we can’t deliver you to the spa, we are bringing a bit of the spa to you! Our Pamper Yourself package includes four hours of doula support while a Registered Massage Therapist gives you an in-home massage. Your doula will take care of the baby while you have an hour of relaxation.


The Details: Package is available for 1 hour or 1.5-hour massage appointments. A limited number of packages are available. Appointment Scheduling is subject to RMT availability. Geographical restrictions apply.


  1. Gold Star


What is it? You are just starting this journey, or at least not quite at the finish line, and you are realizing you don’t feel completely prepared. Our Gold package includes birth doula support and a 3-hour private, in-home, prenatal class.


The Details: A limited number of packages are available. Scheduling subject to availability.


  1. Silent Night


What is it? The gift of sleep means everything to exhausted new parents. What better way to give them the sleep they need than with postpartum doula support. Our doulas will come in the late evening and spend 10 hours taking care of the baby so the parents can sleep. Support looks different for every family and we will work with you to pair you with the best doula to fit your needs.

The Details: A limited number of packages available. Scheduling subject to availability.


  1. The Gift of Time


What is it? Maybe those new parents are doing great with sleep, but during the day everything feels overwhelming to them. Giving the gift of time helps new parents to take care of themselves, knowing their baby is in the most capable hands. Daytime support shifts are 4-8 hours, allowing parents to rest, eat, run errands, go out with friends, or do things around the house.


The Details: A limited number of packages available. Scheduling subject to availability.


Toronto Family Doulas believes in giving back to our community. A portion of all purchases will be donated to The Diaper Bank, a charity in Toronto that collects diapers for babies in need.


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