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Better Together – The Team Model

It can come as a surprise to expectant parent that our doulas work in teams. While this model is becoming more common, many doulas, doula agencies, and organizations continue to follow a solo doula/primary call model. Toronto Family Doulas has used a team model since the very beginning, it has always been our way!  …

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A Love Note To Ontario’s Midwives

The recent announcement that the College of Midwives was being defunded is a terrible blow to midwives and their patients. We believe in pay equity and fair treatment for Ontario’s midwives!

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Everything You Want To Know: Caesarean Birth

Even though approximately 30% of families will birth their babies by caesarean, we don’t talk about it! We don’t talk about what it feels like or sounds like. And as doulas, we often see some of the fear around caesarean birth is about the not knowing, rather than the birth itself. So in our second…

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The Pregnancy Itch

No, we aren’t talking about that itch to get pregnant, although many people experience that too. We are talking about itchiness during pregnancy. There are several causes of itchiness during pregnancy and while most are common, some are not. What Makes You Itch? 1. Stretching Skin The reality is, even if you don’t get stretch marks, your…

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