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Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020!

Happy new year lightbox on black table view of tinsel,ball ,ornament party decorate on celebration greeting card The end of something is also the beginning of something else. As 2019 ends, we are seeing the end of a year but also the end of a decade. And we are seeing the other side…

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Our Top 10 Family Activities This Holiday Season

It is holiday time! Although it is halfway through December, there are still plenty of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy this holiday season. From parades, lights, rides, shopping, and more, there is something for everyone on this list. 1. Glow Gardens Closes January 4, 2020 This event looks absolutely amazing for the…

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Doula Gift Guide 2019: Toddler Edition

A toddler may be the easiest person on the planet to shop for. We are continuing our Doula Gift Guide by bringing you the Toddler edition! If you are looking for gift guides for newborns, check out last weeks post here. All of the choices for stuffed animals, toys that make noise, bright colours, and…

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Doula Gift Guide 2019: Gifts for Newborns

Wondering what to get the newborn in your life for the holidays? Shopping for the under-6-months crowd can be tough, they don’t tell you about their preferences very much. But our Doula Gift Guide 2019 has you covered, with our 5 favourite gifts for newborns.

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Halloween Baby Parade

Welcome to our Halloween Baby Parade! All those “first” holidays can be so much fun when you have a new baby. And what is more fun than dressing that cute baby up and making them even more adorable than usual? Probably not much! We love seeing babies all dressed up for Halloween, so we are…

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Everything You Wanted To Know: Postpartum Bleeding

Welcome to our new summer blog series! This summer we will be looking at all those details you want to know about, but are too afraid to ask! We know that pregnancy and parenting are full of moments where you wonder what on earth is happening. Whether it is the changes to your body, postpartum…

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